Monday, April 16, 2012

I'll take "Auditions" for $200, Alex!

So, one of the things on my bucket list was to audition for Jeopardy. Okay, I say that, but I've never even so much as tried in the past. Last fall, a friend's husband was on did quite well. My friend convinced me to take the online test with her this past January. I obviously did pretty well because today I got to audition!

I had to Metro my way to Farragut North. It was a  route I'm used to taking, but I hadn't done since I stopped working on "Eye" Street in 2006. I got there pretty early, so I walked around the square a bit. The burrito vendor on K is gone, as is the guy who used to sell hot dogs in front of my building. They put a restaurant where I believe there used to be a bank. There are restaurants across the street. I didn't realize that Farragut Square was a big food truck scene for DC.

The audition was in the Capital Hilton. I picked a table in the holding room and looked up to realize that I was sitting across from The RoomStore lady! Baltimore and DC people know about whom I am talking. For those who don't, please check out THIS link and let me tell you that I couldn't find any of her REALLY annoying commercials on YouTube. Yes, she does sound like that and is that perky. Thankfully, she was not in my room for the test and personality interviews.

I can't talk about the questions, but let's say that after a slow start with my practice game (didn't have a clue about 2 of the first 4), I cleared a category about NFL logos going against two men. When they asked about my hobbies, I mentioned that I recently took up running and completed my first 5K yesterday, 2 minutes under my goal time. That actually resulted in applause from the peanut gallery. Apparently, I have a Southern accent. I don't hear it. Do you? The main audition interviewer told me that she asked Justin Sausville about a certain medicine for men, he told her that the problem was for women of child-bearing age :)

I had a fun time and am in the contestant pool for the next 18 months. Let's hope that out of the 3000 people in the pool, that I get to be one of the 400 on for next season.

Oh, and I'd use my winnings to buy season tickets to the Gator Football games, if you care to know :) They wanted something interesting and everyone else was taking trips places.

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