Friday, April 6, 2012

Breastfeeding affirmations

I recently read THIS post about breastfeeding affirmations. I wish I had seen it 3.5 years ago when I was exclusively pumping for my preemie, not knowing if I would ever be able to transition him to the breast. I know how hard I worked to switch him and how lucky I was to be able to do so. Many a lactation consultant has told me these facts, but I didn't have a lot of actual support or help with it in the beginning. My fear of taking Squirty anywhere in the early days prevented me from attending La Leche League meetings and a former coworker made me think that were too militant for me. I was lucky to have my mother-in-law who understood how much I wanted to nurse. I did eventually seek out La Leche League as my first reached a year and I didn't want to wean.

As I approach 20 months of breastfeeding with Milk Dud, I need to look at breastfeeding in a different way. It is a special time for him and me (and whatever toy he occasionally decides to bring along). In spite of the fact he was so sick all winter, breastfeeding has kept him healthier than he would have been otherwise. When he had a stomach bug, I was able to comfort him through nursing. He is super smart and I like to think that breastfeeding has something to do with that. I do want to get him weaned before the Ragnar race in September. He will be over 2 at that point and I don't want to bring a hand pump.

What are your breastfeeding affirmations? What positive thoughts do you use to get you through a rough patch?

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