Monday, April 2, 2012

Pins to Projects: Fun with baking soda

Since Milk Dud was sick last week, I had to come up with something fun for his big brother to do. Last week, I had pinned THIS project with baking soda and vinegar/water/food coloring. It's from Amber who write the awesome Binkertation blog and has inspired me to actually do some of the projects I pinned.

So all you need is a large dish, some baking soda, white vinegar, water, food coloring, an eye dropper and a mug or two to hold the food coloring/white vinegar/water combo.

So, nothing much to say. L had a lot of fun doing this.

He talked about doing it for days! We will do it again after we dye Easter Eggs this week. I will just add a little more vinegar to the dye.


  1. So cool, Alyssa - looks like L had a blast. We will seriously have to do this this week. Mind my asking where you got the dropper? I think I have an old dropper from Jameson's vitamin drops that I'll use...

    1. I think it was one that came with a medicine spoon I bought when both boys were sick last summer. I was debating breaking out one of the Tylenol ones, too. I bet you could also use a syringe, if you have one.