Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pins to Projects: Flower Cookies

Yes, a second blog post from me today. I promised Squirty that I would make cookies. He was supposed to help me, but then he went and did this:

So I did some cookies using the basic idea found HERE.

I just used bagged sugar cookie mix. I have my own awesome recipe, but this was easier with L since what I wanted to do was decorate them.

First I rolled the dough into small balls and then I rolled the balls in colored sugar.

Next, I cut each one down into petals, so they looked like this

The original site left them like this and put a piece of candy in the middle. I didn't do that. I flipped them over so the sugar side was up.

Baked them for 9 minutes, per the instructions

Voila! Flower cookies ready for spring!

Made Squirty rather happy with his pre-soccer snack. Pardon his crazy nap hair.

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