Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My First 10-miler and cross training

So, I'm running the Annapolis Half Marathon as my first half on December 1st. I did so amazingly well with Ragnar. I think I only missed 2 training runs in the entire 5 months. I've been slacking here, though. Sunday, I ran my first 10-miler... well almost. I hit 9.8 before my spasming quad made my knee hurt too much to run anymore. I was running with some friends and all of the starting and stopping messed me up a bit, I think. I was so incredibly proud of myself, though. It was at a 11min/mi pace even with the slowdowns and it looks like if I can stay on track, I might finish my first half at around 2:15-2:30. I did my last 10K at a 9:48min/mi pace with a cold, after all ;)

Anyways, so my knee is hurting a little bit. I did a class at my gym called Group Active on Monday. It combines step, weights, agility and balance. I really enjoy the mixture. I took a rest day yesterday because of rain, a clingy child, and a migraine. Today, I'm trying to decide if I want to run 3-4 miles or do the Arc Trainer at the gym. I would normally have gotten up and run and then done Zumba, but my husband had to work super late and I know Zumba is out until after December 1st. The Arc would be low-impact and help with the quads, but would it be enough to help with the half marathon training.

How much cross-training do you try to incorporate into your workouts? What is your favorite type?

In addition to this, I would like to thank Laura from Mommy, Run Fast. Last week, she emailed me to tell me I won her pink ribbon Reebok drawing and I can't wait to get my new shoes! I thought I'd give her a little shout-out.