Sunday, February 5, 2012

A "Pinned" Project -- Taco Cupcakes

My friend Amber has a neat blog found here Every Sunday, she blogs about the things she has "Pinned" and then completed. She invites her friends and subscribers to share their own "Pins to Projects", so here is my first one.

I'm always looking for new and interesting recipes. Not necessarily healthy ones, but interesting ones that I think my kids will eat. I found this recipe for "Taco Cupcakes" and decided to try it this week:

Here is the picture from her blog

I made mine without the cheese dip and I used undrained seasoned black beans in mine. I also made 12 rather than 8, a good thing since my husband ate 5 of them. They didn't get as crispy as I thought they would, but that can be remedied by pre-baking the bottom level wonton wrapper for a minute or two first.

Here are mine out of the oven

Here is the finished one I gave my 3 year old

And here is said 3-year old with a mouthful of green beans (seriously, like 20)

Hopefully, I will complete another project I pinned this week... or at least complete one that doesn't involve my ab workout or stretches.

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  1. love this idea!!! I think calling anything a 'cupcake' probably makes it more appealing to the kiddos - I'll so be trying this. Thanks for linking up!