Wednesday, February 22, 2012

18-months of being trapped!

I know I haven't had the blog that long, but today Milk Dud turns 18-months. He came into the world not in quite the way I intended, but was large, healthy and hungry from day 1. I am still nursing him. Although I'm getting a little tired of being pawed at constantly, I haven't put a real weaning date on him, yet.

What is your favorite way of dealing with people who are shocked that you are still breastfeeding after 12-months?

Me and Milk Dud shortly after his birth

Me and Milk Dud this morning, before he fell off a slide pretending he was 3 ;)

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  1. I weaned my first at 14 months after feeling pressured from family. My second I closet nursed until he was 2 1/2. He really only nursed in the morning and before bed after 18 months, so I just didn't really tell people. Zen just turned 16 months today, and I have no plans on weaning him. Well, if he's still nursing by 4 I guess I would, but otherwise, if it bothers someone- that's their problem. Maybe by being a closet nurser before I was perpetuating the idea that babies aren't brestfed as toddlers. This time around I don't feel embarrassed or ashamed. I'm proud that I nursed my 2nd for 2 1/2 yrs! And unless he has other ideas, I plan to do the same with this one!