Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Attempt #1 pizza crust rolls

I'm not going to post the recipe as I haven't finalized it, but I made rolls using a Pilsbury pizza crust tonight. I baked them a little too long, but they were actually not bad.

Basically, I rolled out and flattened a canned pizza crust. Brushed it with butter and garlic. Sprinkled it with Parmesan and Italian seasonings. Rolled it back up and cut it into 12 pieces. Then I put them in a muffin tin I had sprayed with oil to bake.

I baked them about 2 minutes too long at 350. I didn't keep track of the time well because I was making something else at the same time.

They weren't bad. I think I might try them with some fancier stuff in them next time... or use a different kind of dough.

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