Friday, February 11, 2011

Random thought generator

Squirty is taking an extra-long nap and Milk Dud is also sleeping. That means I have 5 minutes to my thoughts...

Do gyro bowls actually work?

What on earth did Lorelai see in Luke? On a similar train of thought, why did Rory like Logan? At least Matt Czuchry is good-looking... No, my son is NOT named after his character. Why aren't the actors who played Lorelai's parents more famous?

Why does my husband think that leaving the house before 9:30 is early? I'm usually up 2-3 hours before that.

Why does Joanna Garcia always play pregnant people?

Why does Squirty scream "a boo boo!" when the dog touches him with his nose?

Why do face wash people only clean their cheeks?

How did they make the Ghiradelli triple chocolate brownies even more chocolatey?

My last random thought is "Hooray for the IRS letting women deduct breast pumps! Why couldn't they do that in 2008 when I bought mine? Although, maybe I need a new hand pump."

1 comment:

  1. ok my questions to your random questions:

    What is a gyro bowl?

    Who are Lorelai, Luke, Rory and Logan? and who is Matt Czuchry and Joanna Garcia?

    Ok now I will attempt to answer the rest.

    Because MEN are lazy like that... lol

    umm... cuz kids are just goofy like that?

    i dont really know the answer to that one...

    and I don't know but I am craving some ghiradelli triple chocolate brownies right now!!

    Finally to your LAST random thought... YOU CAN???? Now I am really considering just buying one for the new baby!!!!