Friday, February 4, 2011

Planning to Coupon at Safeway

I've become a couponing nerd. I got so excited when my paper came Wednesday and had the Safeway and Giant ads for this week... Especially Safeway. They had a bunch of store coupons and I was really excited for the ones that overlap manufacturers' coupons I have.

Today, we are going to Safeway. I'm going to stock up on sausage, yogurt, ground beef and soda. I need a green pepper and some hot dog rolls, but those will be the only non-coupon items I buy. Oh, I also have a mail-in rebate for Perdue Short Cuts. That will be a separate transaction, though. I pay cash for mail-in rebate stuff and do them in individual transactions so they are the only item on the receipt.

I'm predicting a shopping bill under $30 and it will be mostly meat that I can freeze. I guess this is my new hobby :)

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  1. Awesome! I keep telling myself I am going to get better a coupons :P