Thursday, February 3, 2011

My most recent expertise

I have learned a great deal since having kids. I've learned that I can go without sleep. I learned how to make baby food. I've learned a little bit about being patient, but there is one thing at which I thought I'd never have to become an expert. I know too much about Monster Jam.

Squirty loves anything with wheels. For Christmas, he got 12 monster trucks... He has since accumulated 30 of them. He is also into watching them on tv. I didn't get it at first. Watching every night at 5pm has turned me into a fan. I know a lot about Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger and the Cretens and Bounty Hunter. It's kind of sad and silly. The part of my brain that used to identify birds has recently been replace with knowing things like Captain's Curse is a 1941 Willys. I'd never heard of a Willys until watching Monster Jam.

I'm not complaining. I just find it amusing the things I've learned since I had Squirty.

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  1. Oh dear lord! You most certianly need to come down here! L and the boys will get along famously!