Saturday, February 26, 2011

He will huff and he will puff and he will cough your house down

Poor Milk Dud. He must be feeling really badly. Tonight, I went on a Baltimore Mommies Moms' Night Out that I set up earlier this month. I had fun. Ate Mexican food. Had a Cuba Libre. When I got home, my husband told me that Milk Dud had been screaming for an hour and that nothing he would do would stop the screaming. Mommy has the magic touch, of course. Nursing = sleep for him.

He was coughing again, so now I'm waiting for his neb treatment to finish so we can go to bed. I feel so badly for him. He huffs and puffs so hard trying to breathe. The darn thing sounds like a helicopter. He is still coughing. I hate hearing it. I want to just snuggle him and give him kisses, but I can't make him feel better that way. I hope this goes away soon. He is looking at me with tears from behind the mask. After 3 days, he has stopped fussing with it, though. This is a hard mom moment.

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