Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy IBCLC Day!

Happy International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Day!

With my Squirty, I had a rough breastfeeding journey. He was born at 33-weeks and spent 13 days in the NICU. I was determined to breastfeed, so I pumped. I actually did this almost exclusively for the first 3 months. Somehow, with lots of work, I was able to transition him to the breast. I nursed him until he was 17-months old, when I was pregnant again.

Milk Dud was much easier. He wanted to nurse very soon after he was born. The lactation consultant came to see me the first day and when she found out I nursed a preemie who came home on bottles, I think I met all of the LC's at the hospital. Obviously, an almost 25-lb breastfed baby is a good nurser, but I know many people who have had issues.

Poor latch, slow weight gain, tongue tie, etc. An IBCLC can help you try and work through your problems. I'm glad we have a day to celebrate them. Maybe one day, I will go back to school and become one myself.


  1. I exclusively pump and it is so much work. I'm planning to stick it out until 6 months, when I go back to teaching. You should definitely be a consultant after everything you have been through, I am sure you could be an inspiration to a lot of new moms!!

  2. I don't think I would be sucessfully bfing if it wasn't for the LC I saw 2 times as an outpatient with Rowan. Breastfeeding does not come easily or naturally to me. I exclusively pumped with Violet and wish I would have sought more help b/c pumping stinks!

  3. Definitely an inspiration to me. I worry that I am going to have troubles nursing and I am just so determined to do it.