Friday, May 31, 2013

Music while running and tempering your breathing

During my last running club meeting, we talked a little about breathing and running cadence. I've always found that I breathe best when I inhale for 3 steps and out for 3 steps on a long run during allergy season. For some reason, the extra exhale step just seems to prevent cramping for me. 

When I'm on a treadmill, I'm pretty good about being able to moderate my breathing, but when I get on the road sometimes I get distracted by my surroundings and have problems getting it correct. This was particularly evident during my most recent half marathon when my pace group took off a lot faster than I was hoping. I don't generally listen to music when I race, but I just couldn't get in the groove after the first water stop. I popped in an earbud (just one) and started the Nike+ app on my phone. I had put my music on shuffle and was pleasantly surprised when the first song was in a waltz time. Since then, I have taken my music off of shuffle and have Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick as one of the earlier songs I play to get myself back on track if I'm having trouble focusing on my breathing.

Do you have a song that helps you concentrate on a certain aspect of running?


  1. My breathing sucks. I always feel like I am sucking through a straw! I have had some issues of the winter and now I have an inhaler. :( I wish I could just breath nice an rythmically not like I am sprinting during a long run! Uggh. Any tips from your running group?

    1. When we discussed breathing, the general belief is that breathing should follow your running cadence. Beginning runners should breathe in for 2 steps and out for 2 steps. More advanced runners should breathe in for 3 steps and out for 2 steps. I have found that the 3 and out for 3 works for me. Are you breathing through your mouth and nose? I would just get air in any way you can.