Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun With Coupons

I've never been a real planner when it comes to grocery shopping. I always figured out what I wanted for the week and then bought it. Since we're trying to save to move and put Squirty into preschool next year, I have been starting to coupon. I'm not just using the ones in the paper to buy my weekly groceries, but I'm watching the sales. I'm not an "Extreme Couponer" like my friend JB ( who bought her Thanksgiving dinner for like $10. I am starting to pay attention to sales and stuff.

I mostly shop at Giant Food. They seem to have decent prices and produce. They double coupons under $1. They also give you a nickel bag for your personal bags. I got some good deals, too. This week they had dried fruit at 2/$4. I had a 75 cent off coupon, so I got a bag of dried cranberries for 50 cents. Ragu was 3/$5 and a coupon for $1.25 off of 3. Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta was 2/$3 with a $1 off coupon. So, with my ground beef I got at Costco for $2.99/lb (88/12), I can make dinner for about $5. Oh, and let's not forget my 2 16oz containers of Breakstone's sour cream for $1.29 ($2.29 each normally, BOGO and a $1 off coupon). My best deal won't pay off for a few weeks. I had a mail-in rebate for Pediasure. That's $10 in nutritional milkshakes for Squirty that will only cost me the stamp and envelope. All in all, I spent $56.31 and saved $38. That is a new record for me. My goal is to beat it. Lest you think I'm just buying junk, I bought vegetables, fruit, whole wheat bread, etc.

My amusement of the day is that my receipt is longer than my 2-year old son is tall.

Oh, I forgot... Giant also pays you gas rewards. Yesterday, we got 50 cents off each gallon at Shell.

My goal for the year is in one trip to the store, I'm going to save more than I spent :) I hope I can do it.

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