Monday, January 31, 2011

Ugh... The worst thing about having a 5-month old

Okay, so the title is deceiving. I love having a 5-month old. He is cute and cuddly. I don't like one thing about the fact that I had a baby in August... My hair falling out.

When I'm pregnant, I barely lose any hair. It is awesome. About 4-months after I have the baby, my hair starts to fall out... by the handful. It totally sucks. I really want to shave my head and be done with it, but then I would probably lose the stubble all over the place... I wish I remembered when the hair loss stopped.

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  1. hahaha!! Sorry.. I thought it was funny. I am losing my hair too. My son had a friend over for dinner a few weeks ago and he pulled a long blond hair out of his food. Ewwww!!